About Picking Pittsburgh

We are picking brothers from Pittsburgh, PA.

We both caught the flea market and yard sale bug at an early age. Our father would take my brother and I to flea markets every Sunday and we would rummage through people's so called junk. Lets face it some of it is junk but not all of it. We would always come home with something cool that we had to have. 
A few years back we began really getting into finding vintage items not only to decorate my own homes but finding items for friends and family who were searching for that special piece to add to their collection or a piece to complete a newly renovated room. Thats when Picking Pittsburgh was born.

Picking Pittsburgh searches Estate Sales, Flea Markets and Auctions to find that special item for you. Whether it's something to add to your collection or a certain piece to decorate your home. We are always finding new items so make sure you keep checking back. Thanks for taking the time to check us out.

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